Weekly Favorites | Summer Travel Essentials

As you know, vacations require a lot of preparation and planning. This week’s Weekly Favorites will hopefully relieve some of that preparation burden! Based on my recent travels, I decided to share with you my favorite summer travel essentials. Take a peek at my travel must-haves below!

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  1. Refillable Travel Bottles (BPA Free) | This set of 4 is available in multiple colors. They are leak proof and TSA approved. | $14.99
  2. Tide To Go | Set of 3. Easily fit in purse or carry-on bag. | $7.74
  3. Travel Toiletry Bag | I have been using this for years. The bag has multiple convenient compartments, all of which zip. The bag also has a built-in hanging hook and is available in multiple colors. | $27.99
  4. Travel Makeup Bag | The bag is designed with multiple compartments to house all of your various makeup products. This bag is available in multiple colors. | $25.99
  5. Stall Mates Wipes | I love these individually packaged wipes. They are infused with Vitamin E and Aloe and flushable! | $9.49
  6. Venus Mini | Includes one mini razor and refillable blade with a travel case | $9.99
  7. Welly First Aid Kit | I am a huge fan of all things Welly. This First Aid Kit has all of your first aid essentials. | $24.94
  8. Honest Makeup Remover Wipes | I love how gentle the Honest hypoallergenic, plant-based make wipes are – I always have them on hand. | $6.99
  9. Touchland Hand Sanitizer | The mint, citrus, and lemon lime scents remind me of warm summer days. | $29.99
  1. KODAK Instant Print Camera | I love making cute vacation keepsakes with this insta-print camera! | $49.99
  2. KAVU Crossbody Backpack | My KAVU and I were best friends for my entire Costa Rica vacation. I love these bags! | $55.00
  3. Quick-Dry Beach Towel | This quick-dry towel is not only cute but comes with its own travel bag. Available in multiple colors. | $20.95
  4. Mesh Beach Tote | I love the simplicity of this beach tote. It also easily folds up for easy packing. | $16.90
  5. Insulating Cell Phone Case | How many times has your phone turned off because it was too hot? This insulated ClimateCase prevents that from happening! | $29.99
  6. Hat Clip | This easy and convenient magnetic hat clip keeps your hat from getting ruined. The clip is available in multiple colors and is very versatile. | $24.95
  7. Sun Bum Travel Kit | This Sun Bum Travel Kit has everything you need for your sunny days! | $22.99
  1. Charging Station | This 3-in-1 charging station is perfect for all my Apple users. It charges your Iphone, Apple Watch, and Airpods all in one spot! | $39.99
  2. Sleep Mask | This contoured silk sleep mask is not only comfortable but keeps out all unwanted light. | $13.98
  3. Travel Laptop Bag | Lets face it, sometimes you have to bring some work with you on vacation. This travel backpack has a built-in USB port and is FDA approved. | $55.99
  4. Travel Shoe Bag | This is another item I have been using for years. The bag comes in multiple colors and can hold several pairs of shoes depending on their size. | $22.99
  5. Apple Air Tag | Nothing is worse than missing luggage. Add this Apple Air Tag to your suitcase to keep tabs on its location. | $29.00
  6. Packing Cubes | Set of 8 packing cubes that are light-weight and designed to make packing easier! | $24.99

**Disclosure: Some of the links provided are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.**

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