Weekly Favorites | Hats To Love

As a hat lover, I’m happy to introduce you to eight hats I’m currently loving! Hats are a great way to express your style and personality, not to mention hide a bad hair day. Whether you’re looking for a classic fedora, a vintage baseball cap, or a modern beanie, there’s a hat out there for you.

Check out my top picks below and see if you can find one to love! As always, you can shop the links below!

Shop this week’s hats on my ShopLTK.com. Direct link HERE!

  1. Women’s Striped Western Cowboy Hat | $20.00
  2. Ohara Wool Cowboy Hat | $132.75
  3. Paper Straw Panama Hat | $39.00
  4. Wool Belted Fedora | $108
  5. Caballo Rancher | $108
  6. Messer Fedora Hat | $69.00
  7. Packable Panama Hat | $29.00
  8. Feather Rancher | $88.00

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