2022 Holiday Gift Guides | Family Pajama Sets

Matching pajama sets have become a popular tradition for families during the holiday season. I will be the first to admit – I am one of those families that dresses my entire crew in matching PJ’s. If you’re like me, you are already trying to decide on this year’s set. If you are new to the matching pajama tradition – let me warn you – matching pajama sets sell fast – so GRAB them now!

So far, I have fallen in the love with the following options. Check them out below!

Target always offers some great family pajama options. This year they have multiple patterns and styles. My two favorite styles this year are the Holiday Gnome Print and the Holiday Tartan Plaid Flannel. Both patterns come in multiple styles for the entire family – including Fido! Check out the festive styles HERE!

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key – I suggest checking out Gap. Gap offers several plaid options that are perfect for the holiday season. I love the two plaid options shown above which include 100% recycled kids sets, robes, and dog/cat attire. Shop the plaid styles HERE!

Old Navy has a ton of festive holiday pajama sets. The amount of options offered are slightly overwhelming. My personal favorites are the Patterned Plaid Flannel and the Santa Holiday Print Flannel. Both patterns come in multiple styles and gender-neutral options. You can also add accessories like socks and bandannas for your furry loved ones! Shop the many great options HERE!

If you are looking for more shopping tips and deals, head over to my Instagram account to find more suggestions in my stories. You can find me at @Cammie804.

*All photos are courtesy of Target, Gap, and Old Navy*

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