Weekly Favorites | Amazon Neutrals

Anyone who loves neutral colors will love this week’s favorites from Amazon. There are a ton of color palettes you can choose from when decorating, but something about a neutral palette gives you a feeling of calmness. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I will take all the calmness I can get!

This week’s finds feature an adorable Kate Spade lunch tote in a neutral canvas with black polka dots. I have also featured a 6-piece bath towel set from Welhome. The Climate Pledge Friendly product comes in multiple colors and textures. Personally, I am in love with the color Blush in the popcord texture. I am more than obessed with the Arendahl Arch Mirror from Kate and Laurel. This mirror comes in multiple sizes and is similar to the infamous Anthropologie Mirror everyone is craving but at half the price!

To learn more about my Weekly Favorites and shop these amazing items click HERE! You can also follow me on ShopLTK.com to discover more of my favorite shopping finds! Until next week, Happy Friday!

  • Signwin | Framed Canvas Print Wall Art Set | Pastel Sunset Mountain
  • Kate Spade | Canvas Lunch Tote
  • Sizikator | Glass Bedside Night Water Carafe with Tumbler | Multiple Colors
  • Welhome Franklin Premium | 6 Piece Towel Set | Climate Pledge Friendly | Multiple Colors and Textures
  • Rubclike | 2-Link Wood Chain Link Decor | Multiple Colors
  • Kate and Laurel | Arendahl Traditional Arch Mirror | Multiple Sizes
  • Creative Co-op | White Stoneware Textured Vase | Set of 3
  • Cygnus | Farmhouse Decor Stripe Patwork Linen Throw Pillow
    Set of 2
  • Zesica | Women’t Waffle Knit PJ Set | Multiple Colors
  • Bala Bangles | Set of 2 | Multiple Colors in 1lb & 2lb
  • Wimarsbon | Ottoman Poof | Natural Seagrass | Multiple Colors

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