Winter Snow Essentials

In anticipation of tomorrow’s snow storm, I spent my Saturday prepping for a blizzard. Although that may sound dramatic, especially because the likeliness of us getting more than a few inches is slim to none, I still like to be prepared. I made a quick trip to the store for extra snacks and tea (damn you dry January) and tidied up the house. I made sure to check all of my to-do list boxes so I could spend tomorrow enjoying the beautiful, fresh snow.

As a mother, one to-do list box that needed to be checked before the morning was making sure everyone’s snow clothes were clean and ready. One thing I’ve learned from experience – ALWAYS be prepared. Believe me when I tell you, nothing sucks more than having snow up to your knees with zero snow gear in sight. So, in an attempt to make the cold weather more bearable and prepare you for what mother nature has to offer, I put together some ideas and links to snow gear that is not only reliable but affordable too! To sweeten the deal even more, all of these great finds are Amazon Prime, so they can be delivered to your front door ASAP!

Since we’re on the subject of snow – stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on my favorite skiing destinations! Until then – Stay Warm!

Shop Affordable Women’s Finds Below

Shop Affordable Children’s Finds Below

Shop Affordable Men’s Find Below

Women’s Snow Essentials

(1) Women’s Grey Waterproof Boot (2) Women’s Waterproof Ski Bib (3) Hat & Glove Set (4) Women’s Insulated Cargo Pant (5) Wool Ski Sock (6) Women’s Waterproof Snow Glove (7) Thermal Long Johns

Men’s Snow Essentials

(1) 4-in-1 Terrain Snowshoes (2) Men’s Waterproof Snow Glove (3) Rechargeable Hand Warmer (4) Men’s Snow Cargo Pant (5) Men’s Polar Fleece Beanie (6) Men’s Waterproof Ski Jacket (7) Men’s Cold-Weather Boot

Kid’s Snow Essentials

(1) Kid’s Snowsuit with Snowbib & Jacket (2) Kid’s Snow Pant (3) Hand Warmers (4) Kid’s Character Snow Suit (5) Kid’s Neck & Face Warmer (6) Kid’s Neck Warmer (7) Inflatable Snow Tubes

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