2022 Holiday Gift Guides | Women’s Gifts from Petal & Pup

Petal & Pup has kicked off its Early Black Friday Sales with a 40% off sale on sweaters and outerwear. You also get free shipping on orders over $100. Check out a few of my favorites below! I have already snagged the Cameron Crewneck Metallic Knit Sweater for the holiday season! These deals are too good to pass up, so be sure to take advantage while supplies last!

Shop the above picture HERE! Use Code ***WINTER40*** for an extra 40% off!

  1. Jenna Fringe Crop Jacket | Orig. $84.00 | Sale $50.40
  2. Lenore Coatigan | Orig. $92.00 | Sale $55.20
  3. Kailua Knit Sweater | Orig. $64.00 | Sale $38.40
  4. Cameron Crewneck Metallic Knit Sweater | Orig. $79.00 | Sale $47.40
  5. Susannah Quilted Jacket | Orig. $112.00 | Sale $67.20
  6. Dante Coat | Orig. $119.00 | Sale $71.40
  7. Lenore Coatigan | Orig. $92.00 | Sale $55.20

If you are looking for more shopping tips and deals, head over to my Instagram account to find more suggestions in my stories. You can find me at @Cammie804.

*All photos are courtesy of Petal & Pup*

This is a sponsored post.

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