The Ultimate Guide to a Rainy Day in Richmond

In a drop of rain can be seen the colors of the sun.

Sir Lewis Bernstein Namier

Virginia weather is crazy and completely unpredictable. So I am not surprised that the month of April has been lacking in rainfall. In fact, I’m willing to bet ‘April showers bring May flowers‘ does not nor will not apply. Contrary to popular belief, June is actually the month with the most rainfall in the state of Virginia. Although now that I have put that in writing, it probably won’t rain at all. Let’s assume otherwise, and pretend Virginia is not completely off her weather rocker and we are to expect rain in our near future.

With the school year coming to an end and friends and family coming to visit over the next few months I need to prepare for those possible rainy days ahead of us. As a local Richmonder, planning an eventful rainy day is pretty easy given my surroundings. As many of you may not be aware, Richmond, Va. is a great place to visit on a rainy day! Let me tell you why…

Before I Tell You About All Of The Fun Things, Let Me Give You A Little Background Info…

If you have never been to Richmond, Va. you are truly missing out on a unique experience. Richmond is the home of some of our country’s most significant history dating all the way back to 1602. As someone who was born and raised in the area, I have had the privilege of experiencing that which makes up my beloved hometown, known to many as RVA. As a place that has literally risen from ash (Fire of 1865), Richmond, Va has reinvented itself over the years and can now be described as a unique and diverse town filled with creativity and a rich historical background.

Whether you are passing through or plan to stay awhile, Richmond has plenty to do and learn about during your stay. Here are some of my favorites.


VMFA Photo Courtesy of

Richmond is the home to a variety of museums. In fact, there are so many museums that it would take days to truly experience each and every one of them. In order to help narrow down your search, I am going to give you a few of my favorites. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) is definitely a top choice. The beautiful museum is nestled in the heart of the Museum District and features several exhibits at any given time. There is onsite dining and a gift shop and General Admission is free. You can learn more about their exhibitions HERE.

The Enchanted Garden – Photo Courtesy of The Poe Museum

The Poe Museum was created over a century ago in honor of the American writer and poet – Edgar Allen Poe. The historic museum stands on E. Main Street not far from his original childhood home. The museum is also the home to the Poe Shrine and Enchanted Garden. During your visit you will also experience Poe’s love for cats as they freely roam the property. Oh, and one last thing – If you can, don’t forget to make an appearance at one of Poe’s Unhappy Hours – they are guaranteed to be one of the most miserable experiences ever! Find out more HERE.

Science Museum of Virginia – Photo Courtesy of Science Museum of Virginia

The Science Museum of Virginia and the Children’s Museum of Richmond stand side-by-side making it easy to visit both in one day. The Science Museum of Virginia resides in the former Broad Street Train Station making it a unique setting for a museum. Like most museums, it too has a variety of exhibitions that change throughout the year. The museum also features The Dome, the largest theater screen in the state at 76 feet! You can enjoy one of the many 45-minute features offered. The neighboring Children’s Museum of Richmond features exhibits geared towards children 0-8 years of age. There are multiple hands-on activities and opportunities for a child’s mind to flourish. Throughout the year the museum holds several events with the most anticipated being the arrival of Santa Claus! It is the perfect place to allow your little ones to explore on a rainy day.

Learn more about Richmond’s history at one of the many museums in the area. Other museums to consider during your visit are: Virginia Holocaust Museum, Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU, and The American Civil War Museum.


Photo Courtesy of Gallery 5

Given RVA’s diverse and talented population – the downtown area has become a large gallery destination. You can easily spend an entire rainy day exploring the talented and creative works of RVA’s local artists! If your rainy day falls of the first Friday of the month you will have the opportunity to enjoy RVA’s First Fridays. For more information on participating galleries and RVA’s First Fridays check out the Instagram Page @RVAFIRSTFRIDAYS. Some of my favorite galleries to check out are: Gallery 5, 1708 Gallery, ADA Gallery, Art Works, and Artemis Gallery.

Movie at The Byrd Theatre

Rainy days are perfect for catching a movie! The Byrd Theatre is a 1,200 seat historic landmark located in Carytown Richmond. This unique venue is decorated in shades of red and gold with mural paintings dating back to its opening. You are met in the lobby by a large crystal chandelier and marble as far as the eye can see. The atmosphere is truly breathtaking. The location of the theatre is perfect for an afternoon or evening filled with dining and shopping at the surrounding restaurants and stores. You can find information on movie showings HERE.

Hotel Greene

Your room is ready at Hotel Greene! Located in downtown Richmond, Hotel Greene (not a real hotel) offers a one-of-a-kind experience by combining mini-golf with delicious entrées and specialty libations. The decor and atmosphere alone are enough to keep anyone entertained. Grab more information on this awesome experience HERE.

The Circuit Arcade Bar

Try your luck at some old school arcade games on a rainy day. The Circuit Arcade Bar located in Scott’s Addition is Richmond’s first retro game bar offering old school favorites like pinball machines, Ms. Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong. You can spend time reminiscing about your childhood over games and cocktails! Click HERE for more information on this retro experience.


If you have been stressed or have a little pent up anger – this is the place for you! Rage RVA is central Virginia’s first rage room – the perfect place to smash, break, and destroy things with no consequences a.k.a RAGE! There are multiple experiences to choose from and you can let your frustrations out solo or with friends. I speak from experience when I say Rage RVA proves to be a shockingly satisfying experience.

PlantHouse Richmond

Photo Courtesy of PlantHouse Richmond

PlantHouse Richmond is located in the Fan District on W. Cary Street. This terrarium workshop is the perfect place to spend a rainy day. There are numerous plant-based activities to choose from and walk-ins are welcome. You can enjoy complimentary adult beverages while building your terrarium or browsing the plant selection. Be sure to sign up in advance for their specialty workshops that can be found on their website HERE.

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  1. Love these ideas! Next time we visit my family in VA, we are definitely going to have to check some of these out!!


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